Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I survived

Mothers Day that is. It started out pretty rough, but I got a grip and enjoyed the rest of the day. I decided it simply wasn't fair to sit around and mope (OK, sob my eyes out) when my two boys need me and want me so badly.

It's such a delicate balance, to have healthy children living on and a child that is gone. I can't really explain with words what it feels like have aching arms, when they are in fact full. It's surreal and part of my baggage I guess.

So, Mothers Day. Dear, sweet husband started my day off right with flowers (picked out by Turkey himself!) and belgian waffles with sausage. Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. I ate said breakfast while lounging (yes, LOUNGING, egads!) in bed watching a total make-any-man-puke-full-on-chick-flick! It was bliss. True bliss. I then lounged MORE while Rollie Pollie napped and breastfed, napped and breastfed for TWO HOURS. Whoa. I know.

Then I got up. The end. Oh, just kidding. We went to the cemetery and it wasn't bad at all.......I'll talk more about that at a later time. I ate insane amounts of delicious and uber fattening foods and it was good. I had a wonderful day with my sweet family. I really do love my family, in spite of everything....I love them a lot.

Turkey told me about one thousand and fifty times that I was the "best mama ever!" and the "prettiest mama ever!" and "Happy Mothers Day Mama!". What a stinker.

Oh and the best Mothers Day gift of all? Rollie Pollie has said his first word............"Mama". I have waited since Turkey to hear another one of my children utter my name. I would have given a million dollars to hear Isabella's sweet voice say it. Alas, I will have to wait for that one. But Rollie Pollie is just as good :) We are surprised that he is "talking" so early, but he comes by it naturally! Now, whenever I leave the room I get "Mama! Mama! Mamamamamamama" (shortly followed by wails of despair because I've been gone long enough to pee.)

Oh baby!

OK, that's it. It's over. Big sigh. Big, long, sigh. On to the next dreaded date. We'll see.


LoveTheDivaPrincess said...

OMG I never knew your whole story and here I am in tears. You are a wonderful and beautiful mother! Turkey and ole Rollie are blessed to have you! I feel like I am a better person just knowing you, even if it is only in cyber world. May God bless you with his grace and love. I will pray for your angel in my prayers everyday!

mama to many said...

Hey there, thank you Steph! I'm glad you stopped by!! :)