Saturday, February 2, 2008

A comparison

I was messing around this morning and put three pictures together of all three of my kiddos roughly around the same age in their life. Husband and I think it's pretty funny how we've turned out three different looking kids. How do those people whose kids actually look related do it?? Clearly there are some similarities, but each has their own "look". One consistent theme though is BIG EYES. So here it goes:

Turkey our entertainer (around 4 months):

Isabella our Princess (around 5 months):

And finally Rollie Pollie our peanut (almost 3 1/2 months):

Whew. I've had a lot of babies since 2004! I think my babies are pretty stinkin' cute myself and I can't help but wonder what #4 will look like. #4 you ask? Yes, I'm already thinking..... (now if husband reads this he'll probably have a vasectomy scheduled immediately!)

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