Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I sure didn't see that one coming

My birthday was last week.....yes I am another year older. I'm really not OLD or anything and I actually look forward to my thirties. I mean let's face it, the twenties have SUCKED. Big time. So, my birthday. Well, it was pretty awful and I just didn't expect it. I spent most of the day crying my eyes out and just having a humongous pity party. Why would I miss Isabella so much on MY birthday? I guess any type of celebration-ish day is going to make us miss her even more.

I know what got it started. I woke up that morning, stretched, smiled at my lover baby and glanced up the huge picture we have of our princess above our bed and had a very quiet thought. "I wish I could have you for my birthday." Seems simple enough I guess, but oh how it isn't simple at all. So, nothing that I was given that day really added up to what I really wanted. Bummer. Big bummer. Husband did his very best to cheer me up though and brought me a chocolate mousse cake from La Baguette. Ohmygoodnessitwassofreakingood. Yeah, I had a giant slice and it was worth every single fat gram and calorie. But of course it did nothing for my heart......... If only chocolate could fix my problems! ( I would have been fixed a long time ago if that was the case, I assure you! )

OH! Big news, big news indeed. I started my diet last week. I went ahead and joined Weight Watchers. I guess I need someone to say to me "hey, you aren't losing weight fatty, what gives?" Nothing like shame to make a girl act right. (or in this case, eat right) So I am doing really good and totally motivated. I'm not even starving! Woot! I do get a butt load of points since I am breastfeeding, which helps! OH, and in 4 days I have lost 4 pounds ! WOW! I know that seems like a lot for short amount of time, but have no fear, it will slow down. Trust me. I'm excited though and have even started walking again! Oooowee I am out of shape when walking somewhat fast makes me sore. Pathetic! My goal is to run a 5K by the end of summer and next spring do my first ever half marathon! I can't wait. Of course husband thinks I am completely crazy for wanting to run that far.....shoot, really just for wanting to run period. I don't think he has ran since that time the cops.......oh nevermind.

So that's life in a nutshell today. Tomorrow may be different, I've learned that in my young life. It only takes a moment, a mere second and it can change like you can't believe. I guess that's life though, right? I better go finish making those delish cupcakes before I wax poetic over here. (Yes I am making wonderful, homemade treats for that LOVE DAY and I'm not even going to eat any.....I promise. Maybe one. Or two.) Just kidding!

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